Social Media Automation Pros and Cons


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just few of the many popular sites where you can promote your brand. Although it seems to be easy promoting to these social networking giants, actually it is not! You need to sit down several hours a day curating content, publishing it to your blog, and then to your social pages. That’s not the end, it is just the beginning.

After that you need to build an audience which is also known as fans or followers who you think would be interested on your business. That’s the most important part of marketing with social media. Don’t expect to see results immediately as it would take you a lot of time to get there. Even you triple or quadruple your efforts, patience is really important on this industry.

Imagine the time that you need to a lot creating valuable topic to your audience, and then time to publish or republish it to your social accounts. You also need to reply to social mentions or comments to show you appreciate them as you can’t just ignore them because it will affect your social credibility.

That’s where social automation can play an important role to this strategy. Imagine when you can schedule posting to your accounts simultaneously or in drip sequence. Imagine the time that you can save by using these tools, the problem is other people not just see the awesome benefit of such tools, but also abused this to the extent of alarming the social networking giants to forcefully change their policies because many users are reporting such spammy behaviors on their news feeds.

In my opinion, these social networking companies should not generalize users that all of them are spammers. I hope they can just set a rule that will greatly prevent spammers from abusing automation. The Because many users just want to save few hours of their time, rather posting it manually.