Questions You Need to Ask Yourself before Hiring a VA

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So, the time has come for you to hire your first ever virtual assistant, the problem is you are not so sure what qualities you should be looking for and the much needed skills to perform the role. To find the answer you need to ask yourself the following questions.

What specific tasks that needs to be done?

If you need help with simple repetitive tasks such as email checking, calendar management, data entry tasks, then you can find one with at least 2 years of experience for that specific task.

On the other hand, if you need help with technical or complicated stuff such as graphics and video editing, then of course you need to find a creative online assistant such as graphic designer or video editor.  You need to find a person equipped with the set of skills to accomplish the job, or else you will just waste money, time and effort looking for the right one.

Although technical or complicated tasks would usually charge more compared to an assistant who is just capable of doing basic stuff, but again if they are willing to be train for that role and both parties will benefit. Lower wage cost and new experience for that person.

Is your VA capable of the Job or Tasks?

Let’s accept it, no matter how willing your VA to learn such skills when they are not really fit for that role, then there’s nothing we can do about it. Some skills and tasks would require a lot of training time or practice before they can perform it on a desirable level. It’s not just you want it because you are assigned to. You should really check it out if they have passion for it then for sure they will excel and be able to learn the whole process in a shorter period of time with high level of accuracy.

Is there a VA that can really do it all?

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. There are good writers, good in verbal communication, good in marketing, good in designing, and good at technical roles. But the point is, there’s no VA that can do it all for you. Yes, they will say, I can do it let me try it. But there’s no guarantee that they can live to your expectations. So, you can test them if their output is what you really desire then go for this person.

Most small and medium-size businesses hire personal online assistant who will assists them on their day to day business activities. You can find one by browsing online or via online job portals. You just need to guide them and communicate with them regularly to avoid mistakes and to make sure you are both align on your goals.

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